The Mother of Pear Epoxy Case for Airpods

The Mother of Pear Epoxy Case for Airpods, there are 3 models of case, which are for Airpods 2nd generation, Airpods 3rd generation, Airpods pro. Natural mother of pearl (MOP) is selected as raw materials. The MOP can be divided into scallop and abalone. We can print different colors and designs on the MOP. The surface of case adopts epoxy techniques so as to make it skin-friendly feel. The case is made from Bayer anti-yellowing TPU material. We have the black and the transparent case in stock. Customized color is also acceptable. Good anti-shock. MOQ, 100pc/model, can mix designs. Hook, can choose our available styles or bought by customers themselves, or we help customer to buy.

The Mother of Pear Epoxy Case for Airpods Details

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A completed The Mother of Pear Epoxy Case for Airpods is composed of the following parts: 1, Bayer TPU material  2, natural mother of pearl  3, resin

Production process: 

Step 1, Choose Bayer TPU material and then make the case by injection molding.
Step 2, Paste the mother of pearl on the case.
Step 3, Drop the resin.
Step 4, Bake the case on the oven to solidify.
An earphone case is finished.

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