Natural mother of pearl phone case

Adopt natural seashells in the sea. Taking the conch meat and leaving the shell. Then peel the corneous layer on the surface of the shell into small piece. Paste the small shell pieces together into specific dimensions sheet by hand. Die cut the shell sheet into the size of the cell phone. And last, covered a layer of epoxy resin on the face of the shell sheet. Usually, we adopt scallops and abalone shells. The natural color of scallop is white fan-shaped texture, and the natural color of abalone is blue-green irregular texture. The shell can reflect natural and shiny luster under light, which couldn't be achieved by artificial products. In order to do more designs on shell, you can also print different colors or patterns on the surface of the shell. The following product pictures are as example.

Natural mother of pearl phone case Details

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A completed natural mother of pearl mobile phone case is composed of the following parts: 

1, raw case 

2, shell sheet 

3, double-sided adhesive tape 

4, eco-friendly ink 

5, epoxy resin.

Production process:

Step 1, Made Raw case by injection mould.

Step 2, If need do custom designs on shells, print the designed colors or patterns on shells first.

Step 3, Paste double-sided adhesive tape on the shell sheet, and then die-cut it into the size of the cell phone.

Step 4, Paste the printed and die-cut shell sheet onto the raw case.

Step 5: Drop transparent epoxy resin on the shell surface.

Step 6, Bake the case in the oven, and the product is finished after the epoxy resin is completely solidified.

After the completion of above six steps, several materials are completely combined together, and will not be separated. The process of epoxy is the same as the principle of amber formation.

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