Printing pattern epoxy phone case

This style of phone case is mainly for brand customers to do custom design, brand publicity or promotional gifts. The phone case can be done integrated with epoxy process, and can also add glitter or foil on the pattern, which makes single pattern more shining. This style has two advantages. One is low MOQ, and the other is the ability to print beautiful pictures. All of the pictures are printed by the inkjet printer imported from Japan, without limited of phone models or patterns. This also solves a series of realistic problems. Such as IMD / IML process high MOQ request and UV printing pattern phone case which only prints the patterns on the raw case, costs low, but looks downscale.

Printing pattern epoxy phone case Details

A completed Printing pattern epoxy mobile phone case is composed of the following parts: 

1, raw case 

2, 3M PVC material 

3, glitter/foil 

4, eco-friendly ink 

5, epoxy resin.

Production process:

Step 1, Made Raw case by injection mould.

Step 2, Print pattern on 3M PVC material.

Step 3, Die-cut printed PVC into the shape of corresponding phone models.

Step 4, Paste die-cut PVC on the raw case.

Step 5, Drop transparent resin on phone case directly if no need of glitter or foil. If need to add glitter or foil, drop the mixture of resin and glitter / foil on the phone case to make the surface of resin smooth.

Step 6, Bake the case in the oven, and the product is finished after the epoxy resin is completely solidified.

After the completion of above six steps, several materials are completely combined together, and will not be separated. The process of epoxy is the same as the principle of amber formation.

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