Metal epoxy phone holder

Metal epoxy phone holders are die-cast from zinc alloy, integrated with electroplating, printing and epoxy dropping techniques. We have two different shapes of molds, please refer to the picture. We can also make new mold according to customer needs, and the mold cost is $500. Our produtcs adopt hanging electroplating techniques, so that the plating surface is clean and smooth. While most of the products in the market is the choice of rolling plating techniques, the surface is rough and pitted. The front of the holder adopts epoxy drop techniques, which can not only make high-definition printing patterns, but also make glitter, seashells, stones, dried flowers and other styles.

Metal epoxy phone holder Details

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A completed Metal epoxy phone holder is composed of the following parts: 1, zinc alloy pedestal 2, PET 3, double-side adhesive 4, eco-friendly ink 5, epoxy resin 6, metal ring.

Production process:

Step 1, Made pedestal by mold.

Step 2, Print patterns on PET.

Step 3, Paste double-side adhesive on the PET, and then die-cut into the shape of pedestal.

Step 4, Paste die-cut PET on the metal pedestal (optional choice: add glitter, seashell, stones or dried flowers on the PET)

Step 5, Drop transparent epoxy resin on the PET.

Step 6, Bake the pedestal in the oven, and the product is finished after the epoxy resin is completely solidified.

Step 7, Assemble metal ring.

Step 8, Paste double-side adhesive on the back of pedestal.

After the completion of above 8 steps, several materials are completely combined together, and will not be separated. The process of epoxy is the same as the principle of amber formation.

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